When the cost of protecting a long-lasting structure is being considered, it is wise to estimate the whole life cost and to consider the specification of durable treatments to maximise performance and minimise total costs. In most cases a protective coating system is chosen to increase the durability of a project that is at risk from severe corrosion in an aggressive environment for an extended period of time. With over 40 years’ experience in the coatings industry, Product Finishing, a department of NL Williams Group, is a market leader in the provision of protective coatings and systems.

We are fully conversant with industry standard protective coating specifications, from sectors such as Rail, nuclear, petrochemical, Highways Agency and many more. We can implement any advised specification or devise a custom specification to meet your specific anti-corrosion needs. Strict in house quality control ensures all work is of the highest standard, whether it is a straight forward shot blast and prime of structural steel or a full aesthetic multi-coat, anti-corrosion system. All work is programmed into a production schedule, arranged with the client, which enables us to complete complicated multi-coat systems on time, every time to a high degree of competency.


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Product Finishing

The Purpose of applying decorative and functional coatings is to protect a given module from corrosion and general wear and tear. We can offer warm touch, anti-graffiti or even fire protective coatings to any fabricated substance.

Airless Spraying

For airless spraying, the paint is hydraulically compressed and, on release through a small orifice in an airless spray gun, it is atomised and projected onto the surface. By changing the orifice size and shape and by varying the hydraulic pressure, atomisation can be accomplished for a wide range of paint consistencies from thin to thick, to give a wide range of rates of deposition.

Thermal Metal Spraying

Thermal spraying can provide thick coatings over large surface area, creating a secure and reliable underlay for given module. Thermal spraying can be used on metals, alloys, ceramics, plastics and composites.

Protective Coating Systems

Specialist in surface preparation and application of protective coatings, our highly skilled team have over 40 years of experience in ensuring the repairing and refurbishment of any  given module undergoes a professional  protective treatment service. By housing such services here at NL Williams, we are able to provide almost every paint coating system the industry supplies.

Conventional Spraying

Conventional spraying is the process when paint is applied to an object through the use of an air-pressurized spray gun. The air gun has a nozzle, paint basin, and air compressor.  NL Williams’s group has up to four different workshops we can utilise to cater for jobs within our 25 tonne lifting capacity.

Qualified Paint Inspectors

Inspection of the processes, procedures and materials required for the protective coating of steel structures is vital.  As part of our dedication to quality control, we have invested in an ICORR certified inspector in order to further improve our own knowledge and to make sure we are compliant with contract specifications.

Remedial Site Team

We have dedicated, experienced site teams available to provide remedy services and touch ups when necessary.

Extensive Quality Assurance

Our strict, in house, quality control measures ensure all work is of the highest standard, regardless to whether it is a straight forward  prime or a full aesthetic multi-coat anti-corrosion system, our product finishing team is fully equipped to ensure given modules are perfected at a high standard.

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