NL Williams Group houses two non-ferrous blasting booths for the sole purpose of cleaning and protecting equipment and abrasive materials. Our blasting booths can accommodate for a dynamic range of projects and items including; Stainless Steel Vessels, Aluminium Frames, Pressure Vessels, Water tanks and larger items within our lifting capacity of 20 tonne.

Machinery used in specific industries such as petrochemical and offshore facilities are often manufactured from stainless steel and other durable, nonferrous materials.

Ensuring that these substrates are clean and free from contaminants is paramount to their structural survival. Providing a multi-coat protective paint system will increase the service life of specialist equipment and can protect the surface from corrosion. Using fine glass beads to remove deposits, our specialised team can protect your essential steelwork at competitive prices.

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Bead Blasting

Bead blasting is the process of removing, imperfections and contaminants by applying fine glass beads at a high pressure without damaging the substrate. It is used to predominantly remove contaminants and improve the finish of stainless steel, aluminium or copper materials and can restore equipment back to their original condition.

Protective Coatings

Although materials such as stainless steel & aluminium have excellent anti-corrosive properties on their own, in some industries, this is not enough. Environments with high salt levels, pollution and aggressive chemicals can severely impact the durability of equipment manufactured from these materials. Applying a multi coat, protective paint system will improve performance and reliability of equipment in these harsh environments.

Qualified Paint Inspectors

In most of our contract specifications, inspection must be carried out to ensure that the requirements of the specification are being met. Inspection of the processes, procedures and materials required for the protective coating of steel structures is vital, since a major error in even one operation cannot be easily detected after the next operation has been carried out, and if not rectified immediately can significantly reduce the expected life to first maintenance.

Lacquer Application

Protective lacquers can provide additional protection to bead blasted steelwork. The thin film lacquer provides excellent exterior durability and chemical resistance whilst maintaining an aesthetic finish.

Airless Spraying

For airless spraying, the paint is hydraulically compressed and, on release through a small orifice in an airless spray gun, it is atomised and projected onto the surface. By changing the orifice size and shape and by varying the hydraulic pressure, atomisation can be accomplished for a wide range of paint consistencies from thin to thick, to give a wide range of rates of deposition.

Remedial Site Team

We have a dedicated, experienced site teams available to provide remedial services and touch ups when necessary.

Extensive Quality Assurance

Our strict, in house, quality control measures ensure all work is of the highest standard, regardless to whether it is a straight forward shot blast and prime or a full aesthetic multi-coat anti-corrosion system.

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