Permadeck Sys­tems is our well-established business unit that specialises in under­foot safety solu­tions and anti-slip surfacing.

Ensuring com­pli­ance to the “Equality Act 2010”, under­foot safety has never been more paramount. The act is designed to protect people with disabilities and grant them reasonable access to products and services. This is why all of our Permadeck products are DDA compliant and protected with the correct legislation to ensure public safety and liability.

Through our extensive research and development, Permadeck Systems has developed a dynamic range of products including stairnosings, stair treads, GRP Landing covers, PU Bonding and Flextred, our anti-slip surface tape.With over 30 years’ experience in the UK flooring industry, we supply only qual­ity prod­ucts and pro­fes­sional ser­vices. As market leaders , our commitment to improvement ensures that our services and products keep us at the fore­front of the market and ahead of our com­peti­tors.


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Technical Datasheets

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Please click our logo to left for more infromation about Flextred, our self-adhesive safety tape which is designed to provide a quick, durable, cost effective slip resistant solution. If you require a quote, please contact us on +44(0) 1744 26526 or email us at

Permagrip PU

Our fast curing, three component, flexible surface treatment combines an anti-skid wearing course and a waterproofing membrane for use with high friction aggregates. Permagrip is suitable for a variety of substrates where a durable, lightweight and anti-skid surface is essential.


Permagrip NT

A solvent free, lightweight, pourable wearing course based on epoxy and polyurethane resins, reinforced with chemically inert graded fillers.

DDA Stairmaster Nosings

DDA Stairmaster nosings are fully compliant with the “Equality Act of 2010” and Part M of Building Regulations. The Stair nosings are designed to aid the partially sighted for both, internal and external structures. DDA Stairmaster nosings have been specifically designed to be used in conjunction with other products, such as Permagrip, Permadeck Timber Panels, GRiP Anti-Slip Panel & GRiP Plank 500. 

Permagrip Spray Grade

Permagrip SG is a two component system, containing a solvent free epoxy resin combined with high friction aggregates. This can be applied to most hard substrates with little down time, creating a low cost and effectcive anti-slip surface.

Permacast DDA Stairtreads

Permacast DDA Stairtreads Combine high quality, durable cast aluminium treads with silicon carbide for additional slip resistant properties. With robust GRiP slip resistant inserts, we are able to customise each nosing to conform to DDA regulations. Suitable for use in wet or dry conditions, Permacast DDA Stairtreads are designed and tested provide long lasting, heavy duty underfoot safety for public access area.

Permagrip Corduroy Tactiles

Permagrip corduroy hazard warning tactile’s is usually installed on off street locations such as bridge sections, rail structures and staircases. Those who are visually impaired should take precaution where these tiles are placed.  Permagrip Corduroy Tactile’s are manufactured from polyurethane resins combined with high friction aggregates for increased slip and wear resistance.

Permadeck Timber Panels

Permadeck Timber Panels are a high quality, custom made, slip resistant decking system designed to suit a wide range of applications and environments. Manufactured and hand-finished to order, our timber panels provide a flexible surface solution while minimising downtime and closure periods. Engineered for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic, Permadeck Timber Panels are designed for both new and retro fitting contracts.

GRiP Plank 500

GRiP Plank 500 is manufactured from pultruded GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) complete with a low profile anti-slip surface. For additional slip resistance Permagrip can be applied to the deck surface. GRiP Plank 500 is a lightweight, weather resistant and cost effective decking solution.

GRiP Solid Colour Panels

GRiP Solid Colour Panels are manufactured glass reinforced polyester and can be utilised for a numerous of areas both industrial and public use. Designed for use in a cladding, lining applications, the panels can be manufactured to any BS4800 or RAL colour range and are available in a variety of finishes.

GRiP Treads & Landing Covers

GRiP Treads & Landing Covers are manufactured from durable GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) and have a hard wearing slip resistant surface. Easy to install, each Tread incorporates a 55mm nosing in a contrasting colour to help comply with disability discrimination laws and the “Part M of The Building Regulations Act”.

Extensive Quality Assurance

Our strict, in house, quality control measures ensure all products are manufactured at the highest possible standard.

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