Leicester Tigers Link Bridge

Leicester Tigers Link Bridge

The newly fabricated link bridge connecting the Hotel Brooklyn and the Leicester Tigers Welford Road Stadium has been installed this week. Featuring a 3 coat protection paint system, including a polysiloxane top coat and our very own Permagrip PU anti-slip surfacing, the new footbridge is a welcome addition to both the stadium and adjacent hotel.

What is a polysiloxane top coat?

Polysiloxane top coats are usually a resin based hybrid coating designed for higher UV and corrosion resistance than standard polyurethane top coats. They also offer the best finish available, creating a smooth and even appearance. For more information on the system used on the project, please contact us directly on 01744 26526 or enquiries@nlwgroup.com.

Permagrip PU Anti-Slip Surfacing

Permagrip PU Bridge

Permagrip PU is a multi-component polyurethane resin designed for use with high friction aggregates that creates an anti-slip surface than almost eliminates the risk of slips. The UK Slip Resistance Group provides reference values for slip resistance using the pendulum test method:

PTV (Pendulum Test Value)

25 – 35

35 – 65

65 +

Potential for Slip



Extremely Low

Independently tested, Permagrip PU offers a PTV (Pendulum Test Value) of 70+ in both wet & dry conditions. Permagrip PU is available with a range of different aggregate types and grades, including Chinese and Guyanan Bauxite, Flint and Granite. For more information, please contact our team or visit Permadeck Systems.

More information on our services and products can be found here. Alternatively, please contact the team on 01744 265 26 or send us an email at enquiries@nlwgroup.com. Keep updated on our latest news by following us on LinkedInFacebook Twitter.

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