July News

The Purr-fect Cat “Diesel”

Three years ago, rumours began of a small, fast predator stalking the very grounds of NL Williams Group.  What was superstition and rumour soon became reality when sightings of this mysterious creature became more frequent. Fortunately for us, it was not the infamous ‘Big foot’ but a stray, feral cat, to which the staff christened ‘Diesel’ (she was seen numerous times under the diesel tank).

Attempts were made to capture the feline so we could take her to Cats Protection or a similar association but unfortunately, nobody could get close enough to her. Diesel was very keen on keeping far away. Bob Griffiths (Compliance Co-ordinator) took it upon himself to provide food and water for her; he managed to find an isolated area away from the noise of our yard and continually left food and water for Diesel.

With a little Purr-suasion, Diesel soon took to Bob and it wasn’t long before she moved into our marketing suite, which became her new home.

As each winter came round, Bob and Jon found it hard to keep Diesel safe of a night time. After waiting to find a suitable home, Diesel is now living with Bob’s relatives and has not been happier since. She is in good health, and she is dearly missed.

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